• High strength reinforced alloy reservoir is lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Pressure relief valve for overload protection
  • Suggested air pressure range: 110-175 psi. / 7.5-12 bar
  • Dust cover protection for the release control valve
  • Maximum working pressure: 10,000 psi / 700 bar 

  • Enerpac high pressure PA Series Turbo II air driven hydraulic pumps are easily operated by hand or by foot
  • High efficiency cast aluminum air motor for increased life and reduced air consumption
  • Reinforced heavy-duty reservoir for applications in tough environments
  • New generation air saver piston with rugged one-piece design reduces air consumption and operating costs                                                                
  • Return-to-tank port for use in remote valve applications
  • Quiet – only 76 dBA with low air consumption of 12 scfm
  • Operating air pressure: 40-125 psi, enables pump to start at extremely low pressure

10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Pump
#1300SF BVA 
#1300 Enerpac 

10,000 PSI Air/ Hydraulic Pump with Hose
#1350SF BVA 
#1350 Enerpac 

Re-Built pumps may also be available
10,000 PSI Air/ Hydraulic Pump w/Hose & Gauge
#1351SF BVA 
#1351 Enerpac 

#1301 10,000 PSI Gauge
#1302SF 10,000 PSI, 2-1/2" Glycerin Filled 
#1302-1SF Gauge Adapter 

  •  Internal plunger threads
  •  Snap-in grooved saddles 
  • Plunger wipers help seal out dirt
  • Collar fixture threads
  • Two base mounting holes
  • Maximum working pressure: 10,000 psi/ 700 bar
  • High strength steel construction
  • High-flow couplers
  • Collar thread protector

  • The golden ring absorbs eccentric loading without galling cylinder parts
  • Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixturing
  • Cylinder design for use in all positions
  • High strength alloy steel for durability
  • Heavy-duty return springs
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance

5 Ton Cylinders
#1304 5" Stroke Ram Enerpac 
#1334 7" Stroke Ram

10 Ton Cylinders
#1310SF 6" Stroke Ram BVA 
#1310 6" Stroke Ram Enerpac

#1311SF 8" Stroke Ram BVA 
#1311 8" Stroke Ram Enerpac

#1326 10" Stroke Ram Enerpac

15 Ton Cylinders
#1312SF 8" Stroke Ram BVA 
#1312 8" Stroke Ram Enerpac

25 Ton Cylinders
#1335SF 8" Stroke Ram BVA 15 Ton Cylinders

Enerpac Repair Parts for Pumps & Cylinders
#1301 10’ Hose (for 1300 Air/Hydraulic Pumps) 
#1301-NC 10' Hose w/o Coupler 
#1302 10,000 PSI Gauge (Installed) 
#1303SF 10,000 PSI GAUGE (Replacement Only) 
#1390-SPL Hydraulic Fluid Quart 
#1313 C604 3/8” High Flow Coupler (Male/Female) 
#1314 CH38 Male Coupler (Hose) 
#1315 CH38 Female Coupler (Tower) 

#1300ASPL Reservoir 
#1300DSPL Reservoir Gasket 
#1300CSPL Treadle 
#1300BSPL Cover Assembly 
#1345SPL Air Button Service Repair Kit 
#1346SPL Turbo Pump Repair Kit 
#1340SPL 10 ton Cylinder Repair Kit, 6” & 8” 
#1344SPL 15-ton Cylinder Repair Kit